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My love for dogs dates back to my early childhood.  I’ve always loved and respected animals.  I decided to become a Canine educator and Behavioral specialist with the conviction that I could help owners and dogs to live in harmony.

Claudia Fortin éducateur canin et spécialiste en comportement canin

Claudia Fortin, Canine Educator and                             Behavior Specialist

I studied at one of the best schools in the Montreal area, l’Académie Chien. This education gave me the opportunity to witness many cases of behavioral problems that needed to be addressed, as well as the solutions that can bring us to a better behavior through methods that are based on positive reinforcement.  I also detain my certification for First Aid for Animals, from Ambulance St-Jean.  I was very active in volunteer work at the Refuge AMR animal shelter on the south shore of Montreal, and contribute on a regular basis to the MIRA Foundation.

I want people to understand their dog, to respect his limits, and to enjoy as much as possible the sacred and privileged relationship that they have with their companion.



Dogs speak to us, not in words, of course, but they communicate their canine language through signs of appeasement.  These signs allow them to express theirs discomfort towards certain situations.  We call this canine politeness, and they express themselves in the same way with other dogs as well as humans.

During my training, I learned to understand what dogs are trying to tell us, and I can pass on this knowledge to dog owners.

Understanding canine language is something that all children should be familiar with, in order to prevent dog bites or attacks.


Associated Partner

Mélanie Boucher, Canine Educator and Canine Behavior Specialist, is our associate for the North Shore of Montreal.

Partner for dog obedience courses

Hôpital vétérinaire Victoria, 755 Montée Sainte-Julie, Ste-Julie.

Impressive Ferme Enr.

Robert Lacoste, owner and breeder of Border Collie dogs


Photographer and partner  For your needs in photography, visit the website.  Mr. Paradis specializes in canine photography.


 Here are a few pictures of satisfied customers and companions of the Refuge AMR shelter.


Our mission in a few words

Improve the quality of life of dog owners and their companions, by solving their dog’s behavioral problems that you may want to eliminate.

Educate ,through the means of Obedience classes (dog training), so that your dog develops a very close relationship with you, and wants to work with you.  Your reward: a loyal companion, obedient, and willing to do everything to please you!

Facilitate your leadership by providing the necessary tools in order to establish and put in place solid guidelines and rules.

Prevent the risk of attacks and dog bites by educating people on canine language.

Help you understand your dog.  Once we understand what motivates our companion to act in a certain manner, it’s easier to accept certain behaviors and modify others.

You can reach us via our Contact page.