Here is an overview of our services.  They are subject to modification, depending on the needs of each customer and their companion. Certain services may be added upon request. 

Canine education in the privacy of your home

Obedience lessons (dog training) Levels I, II, and III

Level I will teach your companion the basic commands such as sit, lie, stay, come, heel, etc.. He will also start learning how to walk side by side with a leash.  Levels II and III are more intense, designed to perfect his skills.  The exercises are done with a change of direction and pace, with more precision, sometimes without a leash, and jumps are incorporated within the exercises.

Private practical Kindergarten lessons

Kindergarten lessons will desensitize your companion to different sounds, textures, noises, as well as confined areas. He will also develop his socialization skills, and learn basic commands such as fix, and sit.

Group lessons

The same lessons as mentioned above, but offered in groups of 4-6 dogs maximum.  These lessons are held at the  Centre Canin Laka, 494 Bella Vista, St-Basile-le-Grand. For more information, please contact Lucie Blanchette au 450-653-5150.

Other personalized services

Solving behavioral problems

For all types of behavioral problems, whether it be barking, jumping on people, biting, anxiety separation, over-attachment, aggressiveness, etc…

Evaluation & Consultation

Evaluation – Allows us to pinpoint the problem, and to find the cause.

Consultation – A consultation will provide you with the necessary tools and recommendations in order to correct a behavioral problem, and show you techniques that you can use to achieve the desired behavior from your companion.


A theoretical course for children and parents, designed to teach you the canine language; the goal is simply to prevent accidents, bites and dog attacks.  It will help you understand the appeasing signals and stress signals that dogs express, before they get to the stage of aggression. This course will also show you how to avoid confrontations with dogs, as well as how to react and protect yourself in the event of an attack.

Dog walking in groups, VIP or educational walks

Depending on your needs, we offer group walks, for dogs that are well socialized, VIP walks, or solo, for dogs that are more comfortable one on one, as well as educational walks, designed for owners who would like to improve a certain behavior, such as pulling on the leash, barking at other dogs or people, fear of vehicles, and equally to improve their socialization skills. This work is done on an individual basis.