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Have a new puppy? This course is especially for you!



Kindergarten Course- Theoretical – How to give your puppy a great educational start

 This course is addressed for owners with a new puppy.  It’s designed to guide you through the educational process of your puppy, in the comfort of your own home.  This allows you to have all your family members participate and contribute to his upbringing.

This course will teach you the following:

1-     Potty training: Techniques to teach your companion to go potty outside, on the pipi pad, or both.

 2-    Nibbling / biting: Dogs play with their mouths with their siblings, it’s normal. However, we need to teach them that they don’t play with their teeth when it comes to humans.

 3-    The importance having your dog crated: In this section you will gain a better understanding of why we crate our dogs at night and when we leave our home.  You remain free to apply this method or experience other options.

 4-    Socialisation skills: Socializing our puppy begins at 7-8 weeks old, in order to avoid behavioral problems in the future.

 5-     Hierarchy and leadership: In order to have an obedient puppy, he has to know where his place is within the family.  Here you’ll find a few tips to avoid a loss of control and leadership with your companion.

 6-     Rewarding you dog: Why do we reward our dogs? The reason is quite simple, dogs learn through conditioning. You’ll discover the importance of rewarding your puppy for good behavior, and why we never use punishment for undesired behavior.


Information and appointment: Claudia Fortin, Educator and specialist in canine behavior, Éducanin Rive-Sud, 438-490-3454.